01 January 2009

Reason Number 1: Divorce

Why Convert to Islam?

Islam is great for men.
If you are married and want a divorce, you simply say...
The word 'Divorce' 3 times in front of your wife witnessed by two other adult males not related to you. Some Islamic scholars prefer the method of saying it once, as in
'I divorce my wife named ....'


You can appear before the religious council of clerics who hear Divorce proceedings.
Note - They always grant a DIVORCE to a man.


  1. The controversy with divorce lies in the idea that men seem to have absolute power in divorce. But, it is clear in the Holy Qur'an because the Holy Qur'an states there is a "degree" of difference with regards to the rights of men and women in divorce, but it is not clear "how much" and "what" privileges a man is entitled to. This is what the jurists have interpreted. This point should also be taken in consideration that if the dissimilarity exists in part to the man who is financial supporter, then it must not be neglected that if the woman contributes or has a major financial input to the well being of the family that, likewise a man, this privilege should also apply to her. For more details visit us at How To Divorce.

  2. Anonymous12/08/2010

    See, muslim liberals (who existed from the start) allow women to divorce men.


America, you really need to think the logic out in this one.

Wait until several reasons are posted and I think you will agree with me.