07 January 2009

Reason Number 7: Drugs

Why Convert to Islam?

Illegal drugs are forbidden under Islam.
Drug dealers and smugglers are put to death.
Drug users are usually incarcerated and given a chance to reform but some of the more strict Islamic countries hang them.
In Afghanistan, poppy fields (opium growers) were put to death so heroin was almost non existent in Afghanistan under the Taliban, however, soon as America liberated Afghanistan, the opium business flourished. In fact warlords exist everywhere and are U.S. allies. Afghanistan is now the largest producer of opium in the world. This is refined into heroin in remote areas of Pakistan and then distributed throughout Europe and America.
So exactly what has America done for America in Afghanistan except make drug cartels wealthy.
Remember, things like drugs and blood diamonds fund radical Islamic terrorist.

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America, you really need to think the logic out in this one.

Wait until several reasons are posted and I think you will agree with me.