03 June 2009

Reason Number 16: When Women Look Like a Slut

So your daughter doesn't dress like a whore.


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  2. Anonymous10/14/2009

    you cannot be muslim... these are obviously 'qufar's' words... You want to mislead people by presenting ISLAM the way islamophobics see it. These are all LIES.

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  4. Anonymous12/19/2009

    These are all reasons why you should NOT convert to Islam! Your brain washed fuck head!

  5. wow, the number of islam was increase rapidly..i'm glad 2 hear it...alhamdulillah....

  6. Why this huge separation between women and men in Islam. Why women should be dressed like nuns but men have the right to dress whatever they want. Isn't that a lack of confidence from the Koran in its people that they will rape women when they don't cover themselves completely?
    I am just asking no hard feelings :)


America, you really need to think the logic out in this one.

Wait until several reasons are posted and I think you will agree with me.