01 January 2010

Reason Number 17: Why the Hell Not?

Islam will bring order out of chaos.
Women will be put in their place in the home or plowing the fields.

I noticed a lot of your hate comments, no I will not delete them like most people would. You are entitled to your opinion. Try to sign-in with a Google Account so the world will know who you are.
Those who reject what I wrote about Islam are the true liars and false pretenders.
Post you comments - cowards all.


  1. will u follow me back???

  2. Anonymous12/08/2010

    Really, I like the afghan culture, and their girls are attractive since they seem to be of similar genetic stock as I. 1) Raped girls marry rapist "usually", by force of the local council of elders (IE: Girls have no say, men have all the say). 2) Girls are married young (you get the sweet sweet wife you've always wanted). 3) Multiple wives. 4) Machineguns everywhere (If some feminist comes to educate or rescue your little wife they die). 5) Girls are not educated (that's changing :( but peeps are fighting it)... they stay obedient, are not taught to rebel. However I fear that if either "true Arab-style Islam" or democracy implant there than most of these things will be lost. 6) You can buy girls from their fathers, the girls have no say, so all men can get a pretty girl, not just the richest or "hot"est like in america.

    Women in Iran and Saudi Arabia do divorce men. They are bitches, and the islamic courts back them up.

    It's only the uneducated white little slave girls of afghanistan that make really good wives, and according to muslims that is NOT because of Islam, it is because of afghan culture.

    So why convert? That culture will be destroyed soon. And that religion is, according to muslims, yet another liberal pro-women's rights religion (apparently the only type of religion that exists).

    Very sad :(. Intolerably so.

    Death To women's Rights.
    Viva Men's liberties.

  3. Anonymous12/08/2010

    Some photos and maps:

    An Afghan girl:

    Another Afghan girl:

    Countries where marital rape is illegal (red) Most of the world.
    (black == legal, just a few countries on earth, afghanstan one of them):

    I wish it were as simple as you say, I wish men ruled the world and the religions, or atleast A religion, but women corrupt every religion and every government to serve them rather than be good for men. Men who make religions seem usually willing to serve women and enslave men, same with men who run governments.

  4. Anonymous12/08/2010

    Part 1 before the above:
    Mohammed apparently allowed women to divorce men, including for "emotional abuse" apparently. In my talkings with muslims on the internet the only muslim man that was opposed to women's rights was an afghan man, he said "women's rights are circular".

    In afghanistan often when a virgin girl is raped she is then married to the rapist (but sometimes both get killed), this custom is the same as that in the Old Testament (Dueteronomy 22, raped virgin girl marries rapist, man pays father money, doesn't divorce girl). Also in afghanistan girls are married _young_. This is really really good for the men there as they have sweet obedient pretty wives for a long time. Also another thing the afghans do is marry widows to their husband's brother, exactly like in the Old Testament (leverite marraige).

  5. Anonymous12/08/2010

    However, this isn't "true islam" according to muslims... so why should I convert to Islam? I want young wives, multiple wives, and for them to be my slaves. Apparently Islam doesn't allow this (women have rights, can even bar their husband from taking another wife), yea it happens in afghanistan (Oh, another thing, afghan girls... many seem to be white!), but not in Saudi Arabia (women rule the men there, just like in the USA, but in private, some men have never seen their wives face, women are deeply respected).
    (now the rest from my first post)


America, you really need to think the logic out in this one.

Wait until several reasons are posted and I think you will agree with me.